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What’s WEPI?

Wepi is a free web-based questionnaire creator and manager targeted to the needs of epidemiologists and health professionals. Its collaborative environment allows colleagues to share the data entry task across the office or across the Internet. Use it to complete questionnaires with your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

What are the key characteristics of WEPI?

  • Multi-centric data entry in protected & private storage areas
  • Built on Voozanoo™, a health ministry-certified secure hosting platform
  • “In Situ” data collection on tablets or smart phones
  • Free use for health professionals
  • No “partial” functioning version like popular paid sites
  • Unique text paste-in system for questionnaire creation
  • “Basic functions only” mentality keeps it easy to use
  • Unlimited number of questionnaires and responses
  • Export formats: EpiData, Stata, CSV
  • Based on standard open source technologies
  • Questionnaires transferrable to a full Voozanoo™ relational database

Try out Wepi. Use Wepi at the demonstration site, or go to the regular wepi site and create your own account.

The origin of Wepi?

EpiConcept makes customized information systems based upon its in-house created Voozanoo platform. Many databases are in fact, simple questionnaires that could be constructed by non-IT specialists. Thus a “limited functionality” version of Voozanoo was needed. The challenge of Wepi was to create a tool that could respond to the need for non-IT people to create and disseminate their own simple questionnaires.

The epidemiological standard up to now has been the EpiData product but it requires training and it is a stand-alone application installed on a single computer. By leveraging the connectivity of the Internet, Wepi is available to anyone who has a web browser and further, data can be filled in by multiple people in multiple locations.  With disease outbreak investigations requiring quick data collection, we responded to this need by including a mobile data collection method. We integrated the already existing open source Open Data Kit application which allows one to fill out his/her questionnaires on a phone or tablet without an Internet connection.

Who uses it?

We have public health professionals and epidemiologists in mind. They are not software developers and don’t have the time to be. This web application allows them to simply log-in, type (or paste in with one single action) their questions and then adjust them for the correct variable types (whole numbers, decimals, dates, text, multiple choice). In the case of a disease outbreak, such as a food-borne disease outbreak, responses to traditional paper questionnaires can be entered into this questionnaire system or the questionnaire can be filled out on a tablet as the interviewer is speaking with people involved in the outbreak. Since the results are stored on-line, they can be analysed by experts in real time regardless of their location.

What kind of technology is behind it?

  • Architecture Client/Server
  • Linux - The standard open-source server operating system
  • Voozanoo™, MySQL, PHP - Open source database and server intelligence
  • HTML5, JavaScript, Json, Ajax - technologies that allow each web page to have intelligence and interactivity as opposed to simple pages of text and images.
  • Open Data Kit - Google and University of Washington open-source collaboration for data collection on smart phones and tablets
  • Android - Telephone and tablet operating system

Wepi can be installed on servers in your organization thus allowing all data to be stored on your own machines. Contact EpiConcept for details. contact@epiconcept.fr

Try out Wepi. Use Wepi at the demonstration site, or go to the regular wepi site and create your own account.