Voozanoo a rapid database construction tool to quickly create custom questionnaires, investigations, surveillance programs, and other health-related information systems. See the Voozanoo portal here.

The health information solutions created by EpiConcept are based on this internally developped software system. This framework allows EpiConcept to create IT systems which can be classified in the following groups:

Voozanoo for on-line questionnaires and forms

  • Easy to use in single user entry mode

  • On-line registration
  • Simplified questionnaire creation version Wepi for non-technical users
  • Compatible with data analysis and reporting software
  • Monitoring and management of clinical studies

Voozanoo for managing patient medical files

  • Ministry of Health certified personal health data hosting

  • Reinforced security (physical access professional card)
  • Compatible with established medical information standards
  • Structure specific to the patient-event model
  • Interoperable with third party software
  • Laboritory management tool
  • Advanced user-rights management

Voozanoo for health alert systems

  • Voozanoo as a tool for information feedback

  • Data centralisation
  • Cartographic presentations
  • Capture of data exchange and extraction history
  • Advanced reporting

Voozanoo for data centralisation and feedback management

  • Data centralisation

  • Import tracability
  • Report and statistics production
  • Cartography

Voozanoo for managing communicable diseaseindex and contact cases

  • A structure specifically designed to deal with issues of human contacts

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