Lagon is a Laboritory Information Mangagement System

Lagon is a Laboritory Information Mangagement System (LIMS) that is interoperable with other applications and lab machinery and which allows for the listing, tracing, and archiving of their results.

» Partitioned off data entry / Workflow
Lagon allows for clinical, epidemiological, and analytic data input for each sample taken. Each entry can be partitioned off as a function of the roles and rights of each person involved. Each person can thus see “what he/she still needs to do.”

» Tracability
Each modification of an analysis is traceable by a recording in information about the who, what, and when of the modification. Each validated analysis report is archived as a document in PDF format.

» Printouts
Logon allows you to manage the printouts of lab worksheets and the results that are to be given to the requesting lab.

» Multiformat exporting
From the registration screen it is possible to export filtered lists in standard Excel, Word, HTML, or PDF formats.

» Interoperability
With the database engine underlying Lagoon, and depending on how access rights are set, it can interconnect with software such as Excel, Stata, and BioNumerics.

» Resampling management
Once a sample has been archived, its technical elements cannot be modified. If a resample is desired, this can be done, however, a new case number will be attributed to this new sample.

» “Split process” management
In certain instances, a given sample might need to undergo several different analysis in parallel. In this case, one speaks of the “split process.” The initial sample is deactivated to allow for the creation of several samples. New case numbers are then attributed to these.

» “Pre-entry” module
In certain cases (large galleries or profiles), it is necessary to be able to have certain values filled in automatically. In this case, the data entry is done by the system but must be validated by technicians or biologists.

» Pre-administrative validation
In certain laboratory settings, technicians need to input a large amount of data and start their manipulations even before the sample has been administratively sampled. This is what we call the pre-administrative validation.

» Barcode management
When there are large numbers of samples, Lagon can as well generate and manage barcodes which offers a clear increase of speed in accessing records.

» Easy comments and bug feedback
In the spirit of maintenance and follow up, any user can report “incorrect behaviour” or suggest a functionality through the integrated "return information" system.