EpiFiles file exchange platform

Epifiles file exchange platform

ASIP* certified secure file exchange platform

EPIFILES (www.epifiles.com) is a platform for exchanging nominative health related files among health professionals such as laboratories and health care providers. Users of this platform conform with national requirements and regulations for transmitting personal health information between health professionals. It is a straigh-forward way to handle file exchanges of large quantities and sizes.

How it works

EpiFiles is based on the concept of depots. It is a space for one organization to collect all the files from the various other health related organizations (doctors, labs, radiologists, etc.) in one place, without the file depositors being aware of who or what other file depositors have contributed. Or, turning it around, one may want to make a place for the members of his/her organization to deposit their files and for various external partners to pick them up.









Based on EpiConcept’s ASIP certified application platform Voozanoo™, the depot can consist of multiple zones where files in one zone are clearly separated from other zones and the rights to deposit, pickup, or delete are clearly set by the role assigned to each user when his/her account is created. Individuals can be assigned the role of Contributor (file depositor), Downloader (file downloader), or Manager (capacity to invite contributors and download files).  Contributors, Downloaders and Managers are alerted via email of deposited files, lack of pickup, or impending deletion in accordance with the configurable file freshness policy. This latter function keeps the depot clean of junk files.

Key Points

  • A platform for file exchanges that conforms to the national regulations for transmitting personal health data
  • Depositing and pickup of files is done on-line, wherever you have Internet, including on tablets and smart phones.
  • EpiFiles is a scriptable Voozanoo™4 application meaning that it can be used in conjunction with other applications for automated file validation and workflows.
  • Separated depot areas can be created according to policy needs.

Download the product description sheet or the user's guide (in French).

*Agency for shared health IT systems