DAMOC is a database system used for following tuberculosis index cases and their

DAMOC is a database system used for following tuberculosis index cases and their contacts. EpiConcept created this system as the principal software tool for the French anti-tuberculosis centers.


» A complete software solution
DAMOC stores the necessary information about tuberculosis index cases and their contacts in secure databases. It allows public health workers to manage this information and generate reports on the activities of the anti-tuberculosis centers.

» Easy to use
A simple interface based on color codes allows for intuitive use. A basic training of just two hours is sufficient for getting users familiarized with the system and having them be operational.  Such training is offered by EpiConcept and can take place on-line.

» Simplified access, no installation needed
A web browser and an Internet connection is all that is needed to use DAMOC.  One can use the software from most any device that has a connection to the Internet.

» Rapid access once your subscription begins
Once the subscription begins, it is just the opening of an account and the settings adjustments to the database that must be made in order for you to start using DAMOC. On average, within a day and a half of your order, you’ll have access to your personal database.

» A high level of security
The exchange of data between your post and our servers is highly secure. We use a 128-bit encrypted HTTPS protocol. The servers themselves are housed in a highly-secure data center (specifics about the security are available on request) your data is on a dedicated and closed off storage area.

» Full Service
EpiConcept’s services include, without supplimental costs, the full range of services required for the the proper functioning of DAMOC. This includes accessibility to DAMOC, data backups, user training, application maintenance, new application features, and a hot-line.

» Continued improvement
A subscription to DAMOC guaranties its users the benefits of minor and major improvements to the system. These improvements are made without any interruption to your system and your activities are not stopped during an update.

» Reduced cost and a budget under control
DAMOC is offered as "Software as a Service" (SaaS) which allows us to propose a clearly priced annual subscription. This allows you to know ahead of time exactly how much you need to budget for the year.