A 100% web-based, open-source secure database construction environment to create on-line questionnaires, surveys, epidemiological surveillance programs, and patient information systems.

This training has been created for health professionals who require an on-line data entry and reporting system. The learner will discover the Voozanoo environment and learn how to create and administer a basic monitoring database. For this course, each student will create a free and permanent account. See an example of the information system created during the training (see "Give it a test drive" below).

Voozanoo characteristics

  • 100 % web based, nothing to install
  • Free to use for health professionals
  • For quick implementation and reduced budgets
  • Centralised data collection
  • Secure data storage
  • Eport collected data to Epi-Info, Stata and Excel

Example Voozanoo surveillance projects: hospital-acquired infections, Cystic fibrosis cases, flu, and tuberculosis

Visit the Voozanoo web site.

Introduction to Voozanoo (2 days)

Price:  Sessions at your premises : 1831 € (pre-tax)/day/expert/6 students + transportation costs).

Course objectives
Initiation to Voozanoo through the creation, data entry, analysis creation and administration of an on-line information system.
Any health professional who needs to create an information system usable by many individuals and which they can manage and modify as needed.
Course contents
  • Create a data collection information system adapted to your specific needs
  • Create various data tables and manage their accessibility
  • Manager invitations, users, and their rights and roles
  • Create calculated variables, coherence controls, and question skip logic
  • Create reports, filters, analysis, and export files
Give it a test drive

Try out the "fake" information system that the student creates, without programming skills, during the training. Log in as one of the users below, each of whom has different access rights. You will see what you can and cannot do based on your role.

Stella (statistician), can read data records, but cannot create, modify nor delete a patient file.
Irène  (nurse), can create and modify patient files, but cannot delete them.
Inge (nurse), belongs to a group at the very bottom level of the hierarchy. She is placed at the level "Sud" (south).
Magalie (Doctor), she can modify and delete a patient file, but she cannot create one. She can however go into a "visit" file and add information about vaccines that she has administered. As a doctor, she can also modify, add or delete information from the list of vaccines. (In order to allow the database to have enough information for you to see what is going on, we shut off the "delete" rights for the patient, visit and vaccine files).

For Stella, Irène, Inge and Magalie, the password is "test".  Go to the application now!

What should I do once in the information system?

1) Create a new patient file via « Patient : Nouvel enregistrement » if you are Irene or Inge.
2) Look at a data listing (ex : Patients Listing II) of patients and add a filter (ex : filtre de plusieurs critères - filter for multiple criteria) or open a patient file (ex : click on the little e to edit it) and fill in information about a vaccine that you just administered as Doctor Magalie.
3) Export the data « Récupération de données » if you are Stella.