Software Courses

Epi Info 7 - Learn to use this software to create questionnaires and do the statistical analysis of the data collected for public health and epidemiology applications. The course is based on real-world examples.

Mobile data collection  - Using the open source applications of Open Data Kit, replace your paper questionnaires with electronique forms on smartphones or tablets for in-field data collection.

Voozanoo - A 100% web-based, open-source secure database construction environment to create on-line questionnaires, surveys, epidemiological surveillance programs, and patient information systems.

NéoScope - Courses to learn how to use NéoScope, the integrated application that manages screening programs for breast, uterus, and colon cancers. These courses are taught in French.

Epidemiology Courses

Scientific communication  -  Learn how to develop, step by step, a manuscript for publication from data already collected by the participants or from documents furnished by EpiConcept.

Time series analysis  - will strengthen participants’ knowledge and skills related to the use of time series analysis in the context of surveillance of communicable disease.

Logistic regression  - will strengthen participants’ knowledge and skills related to the use of logistic regression in the context of investigation of outbreaks and related studies.

Generic rapid assessment  - will strengthen participants’ knowledge and skills related to conducting population surveys, surveillance, investigation and epidemiological studies when deployed in national or international emergency situations.

Haiti rapid assessment  - will prepare epidemiologists to contribute to the multidisciplinary and international response to complex emergencies, and to apply their epidemiological skills to serve public health interventions.

Vaccinology  - participants will understand and use concepts and tools used by epidemiologists when conducting surveillance of vaccine preventable diseases (VPD), and carrying out effectiveness, impact and safety studies.

Principles of outbreak investigations  -  participants will understand methodological and operational aspects of outbreak investigation.

Computer tools for outbreak investigations - will strengthen participants’ knowledge and skills related to the use of software applications to investigate communicable disease outbreaks.

Mobile data collection using tablets - participants will be able to use the tools of the Open Data Kit ecosystem of applications during the preparation and execution of a field data collection project on mobile phones or tablets.

How it works

EpiConcept is a certified French training centre (N°11 75 2615 675) and thus costs for the training can be borne by the national professional training programme (CPF). Training can be standard courses held at EpiConcept, "à la carte" epidemiology training for pre-established groups of 6 or more, or customised courses (given at your site or ours). To date, EpiConcept has had over 4000 course participants and gives approximately 175 days of training each year.

Epidemiology Training

  • Targeted to public health professionals, EpiConcept training allows the participant to acquire the basics of epidemiology, data analysis, or scientific communication.
  • "Learn by doing" method of mixing real world examples for work sessions with traditional lectures

Software Training

  • Exercises used come from the public health sector, its issues and concerns
  • Instructors are experienced in health research and public health IT projects

Questions about training? Call or send an email to