Software training

The software courses from EpiConcept give public health professionals practical skills in the collection, management and analysis of health data. The courses rely on real-world practices of health professionals.

EpiConcept is authorized to conduct training that falls within the legal domain of France's Continual Professional Training (FPC) and is thus the financial burden can be borne by one's Personal Training Account (CPF) for individuals employed in France.

EpiConcept has been certified by the French national authorities as a continuing education training center (n°11 75 2615 675). Our training has been created by teams that combine the double competence of public health and information systems.

Course characteristics

  • created and taught by medical epidemiologists, biostatisticians, software engineers, and health geographers
  • courses alternate theory & exercises
  • in-class coursework can be applied to a personal project or an established project
  • exercises based on real-world situations and professional practices
  • small groups (6 maximum)
  • one computer per person
  • training at EpiConcept or on your premises

General questions or information about training at your own location, call 33 (0) or send an email to