QGIS Open source geographic information system

Learn to map health data indicators and make spatial requests using the free open-source software application Quantum GIS (QGIS).


QGIS is a geographic information system program. It is free and available for a number of different operating systems. QGIS allows you to visualize, manage, analyse and crete maps from your epidemiological data. The course is based on practical exercises. Attention : This course is given in French. It can however be given as a custom training in English. Contact formation@epiconcept.fr for more information.

Course objectives

  • Obtain and manage spatial data
  • Join spatial data and epidemiological data
  • Make spatial requests
  • Construct epidemiological indicaters
  • Map the indicators

This course is now given in the specific context of the French structures for organised cancer screening based on the NéoScope information system. See more information here.