IT for public health

Information Technologies (IT) applied to public health is the heart and principal activity of EpiConcept.  EpiConcept offers solutions for surveillance, collecting and using data from field surveys as well as the elaboration of complete systems for managing health data.

Since 1996 epidemiologists, doctors, engineers, boistatiticians and software developers at EpiConcept have been creating various IT (information technologies) systems and services for public health projects. EpiConcept currently manages about 150 active projects.

EpiConcept Services

Among the proposed services:

  • expertise and audits
  • consulting
  • use of the latest technologies
  • development of sector and solution specific software
  • system administration
  • Personal Health Data Hosting Provider
  • storage and archiving
  • maintenance and assistance
  • training users and administrators
100 % web technology

Since 2005, all of the EpiConcept projects have been developed with open source web tools and technologies, namely the ubiquitous "LAMP" group of development tools; Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The advantages are

  • reduced costs for developpers and their clients.
  • easier installation, usage, updating, and debugging.
  • collaboration with the community of active users.
  • time proven and robust scalable environments.
  • extremely large installed base of users - no risk of obsolescence.
100 % Voozanoo

All software development projects are created with Voozanoo, an in-house editor tool to create on-line IT systems. Voozanoo is a box of tools based on open source technologies. It allows one to publish an information system on-line, whether a simple questionnaire for patient records or a more complex database.

Areas of intervention

Specific software development using Voozanoo has been used for screening, medical alerts, patient records, clinical studies, declaration and confirmation of "required declaration" diseases, occupational medicine, or non-governmental organizations.


EpiConcept has created IT solutions for the World Health Organization (WHO), French  central health administration (DSG- France), the French national health monitoring institute and its regional posts, the Pasteur Institute, the French national health care system, French regional health care agencies, the Paris public hospital system, and others.

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Quality assurance

EpiConcept applies a methodology for assuring the required level of quality for its software development as well as for project management. Learn more about EpiConcept quality assurance.

Products and activities

wepi man icon

What’s WEPI?

Wepi is a free web-based questionnaire creator and manager targeted to the needs of epidemiologists and health professionals. Its collaborative environment allows colleagues to share the data entry task across the office or across the Internet. Use it to complete questionnaires with your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Voozanoo a rapid database construction tool to quickly create custom questionnaires, investigations, surveillance programs, and other health-related information systems. See the Voozanoo portal here.

The health information solutions created by EpiConcept are based on this internally developped software system. This framework allows EpiConcept to create IT systems which can be classified in the following groups:

SagaStock Pharma

Sagastock is a field application for managing pharmaceutical stock supplies. This software is for managing, monitoring, and analysing stocks and their consumption. Sagastock was created from the "IsyStock" application that was developed for the French branch of Médecins Sans Frontières and has been in use since 2006.

The application has a very simple interface for quick hands-on to track the “movements” of stock of which the principal elements are the following:


Saga is an accounting software program designed specifically for NGOs wanting to give each of their field offices a simple and effective solution adapted to an NGO environment.

EpiConcept NGO software Icons

Epiconcept has created strong links with health related NGOs (non-governmental organizations) by developping software solutions adapted to their unique needs. The experience of developping software for NGOs has given EpiConcept a certain competence in putting in place IT solutions for "hostile" and variable environments.

Our software applications: