In the area of intervention epidemiology, EpiConcept performs missions to guide and advise partners and conducts studies throughout the world.

Carried out by senior epidemiologists, EpiConcept services are aimed at bringing operations support to its partners and supply solutions adapted to each specific terrain.

Areas of Intervention
The Team
  • 9 full-time epidemiologists based in France, the UK, Madagascar, and Spain
  • A network of international consultants
  • Collegues with Masters in public health and/or PhDs, and with practical training through the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) programme, Field Epidemiology Training programme (FETP), or EPIET (European Program for Intervention Epidemiology Training)

The team is managed by Dr Alain Moren.

  • International Organisations: World Health Organization (WHO), European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Indian Ocean Commission, and others.
  • National administrations of public health : Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.
  • Private organisations : Sanofi Pasteur-MSD, Sanofi Pasteur, GlaxoSmith Kline (GSK) and European Vaccine Manufacturers (EVM).

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