Available software downloads


Voozanoo is the Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP framework used by EpiConcept to develop custom survey and information systems. If you have a strong understanding of the LAMP stack, you can download the Voozanoo source here (version 3.4.2). For experienced developers, we can answer your technical questions, but for people who do not have LAMP IT expertise, we do not have the resources to help you install it. To use it, you can of course create your own Voozanoo account at EpiConcept offers training on the use of Voozanoo.


Developed by the CDC of Atlanta, the version 6.04d of Epi Info (translated to French by EpiConcept and the ENSP) is the swiss knife of epidemiological intervention. Joining simplicity of use and powerful statistical calculations, this version in DOS allows for the management from end-to-end for applications in investigation or surveillance, from the creation of form to fill in, to the analysis and reporting.

EpiConcept proposes training in creating and using surveys with EpiData, the Windows follow up to Epi Info.
Download Epi Info 6.04d english version
epi604_1.exe (1.3 Mo)
epi604_2.exe (1.3 Mo)
epi604_3.exe (1.3 Mo)

Download the 3 .exe files in a temporary folder, execute the 3 of them, then execute 'install.exe'

Since this original version, the CDC has created Epi Info 7 (released in 2012) you can find it here.


EpiData software is used to create EpiInfo data entry forms in Windows (which can therefore take advantage of the entire graphic environment of Windows: toolbars, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

Moreover, EpiData can rapidly document a survey (notes associated with the data files, list of variables, breakdowns for each variable, analysis/examination of all or some of the data, etc.).

Finally, EpiData can be used for the rapid back-up of all files associated with a survey (.QES, .CHK, .REC, .LOG, .NOT).

The training courses on EpiInfo given by EpiConcept now include EpiData.
A number of advantages:

  • Rapid start-up
  • Easy specification of legal values, conditional jumps, entry obligations (mustenter).
  • Types of variables: numerical, dates, chains, Booleans, automatic variables (day's date, automatic creation of identification numbers
  • Calculations done as and when data are entered, extended if... then... endif commands in the fields,
  • Relational data entry (RELATE function)
  • Validation of input by comparison
  • Rapid production of a document containing breakdowns, lists... of the data entered

EpiData files are in EpiInfo format. Export formats are included: dbaseIII, Excel, Stata (V4-V7), SAS and SPSS

The import formats dBase III, Stata (v4 - v7) and CSV are recognised.

Limits: No limit on the number of observations in a file. All fields must be contained within 999 lines of text. Rapid referencing functions, search with index on 80000 observations in < 1 second, on a Pentium 200Mhz.

EpiData is developed by J M Lauritsen, M Bruus, M Myatt. EpiData Association (Denmark)

The French translation is coordinated by EpiConcept, with the assistance of members of Epiter

Downloads can be done directly from the Epidata site: the EpiData site (in english)


Winglue software is a replacement for the former Epiglue software in Windows format. It is used to construct "end user" applications exploiting EpiData.

Aimed at users wishing to customise EpiData, Winglue can be used to create specific menus to allow direct access to different data entry forms automating, for example, the regular production of indicators and dashboards, or the connection to office automation software.
Winglue is based on the VBScript language used, particularly for the macros in office automation software such as Word and Excel.

The EpiData site (in english)