Customized courses

EpiConcept creates and conducts tailored training solutions that respond to the needs of public health organizations, companies or associations, as well as for health experts themselves.

 All software training proposed by EpiConcept can be conducted at your location. 

Take advantage of the experience of EpiConcept trainers by creating a customized course with our instructional designer. Course creation begins with clear demonstrable and measurable learning objectives in the framework of a traditional Dick and Carrey instructional design methodology.

Custom course creation method

A first meeting of 3-4 hours to define the precise pedagogic objectives and the general logistics of the training

   A half-day meeting to :
    • Validate / modify required level of performance objectives
    • Validate / modify the instructional strategy
    • Validate / modify the choice of support materials
    • A questionnaire will be sent to the course participants to evaluate their level before the course takes place


Customized courses can be created for a group or an individual. For more information, please contact Nathalie Colombo the administrative coordinator at 01 53 02 40 60 or send an email to