Sep 2016
National Congress of the French Society for the fight against AIDS The CUPIDON team will be present...
Jun 2016
Voozanoo was used by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur CIRE (Inter-regional Epidemiological cell of...
May 2016
The new Vozanoo mobile application is currently being deployed in the field. The new app is...
May 2016
In the last ten years pertussis has re-emerged in many regions including the European Union (EU)...

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Download the 2016 Training programme

Check out he 2016 Training programme. Courses with fixed dates are in French. Any of the courses can be made available at another date in English upon request. See the registration page for more info.

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EpiConcept has put into place a data security policy that fulfils the legal and ethical requirements associated with hosting personal health information.